"I came to a point where I needed solitude and just stop the machine of thinking and enjoying what they call living, I just wanted to lie in the grass and look at the clouds."

- Jack Kerouac, Lonesome Traveler (via wordsnquotes)

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"Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future."

- Oscar Wilde (via hylophobic)

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"why the fuck am i crying"

- literally me during any situation that is slightly emotional (via viserrion)

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"I don’t know, I just feel like I should just stop thinking about it, you know, but I can’t. Maybe I’ve seen too many movies, you know, love at first sight. What do you think about love at first sight? You think you can love somebody just by looking at them? But the thing is man, I felt like I knew her, you ever get that feeling? Yeah, I probably don’t right… it felt like I did though."

- Blue Valentine (2010)

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"Stay single until someone actually compliments your life in a way that makes it better not to be single. If not, it’s not worth it."

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"When you find someone you love, please hold on to them and never let go. Don’t let your own insecurities get in the way. If you feel that this person genuinely cares for you or loves you, then trust this person enough to leave yourself vulnerable."

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